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Nazca postscript

The farewell gig happened in April. It was a fantastic evening, seeing all the people who had crawled out of the woodwork was a pure joy.
Huge thanks go out to Oliver Whitehead for transforming the evening into a proper event with his visuals.
One question that came up and I wondered myself was if we felt sad it was over.
Almost two months later, the answer is still no. We did this thing for fifteen years, I’m just really proud of what we managed to do. Getting to know all the people involved with Nazca over the years has been a privilege. We separated as friends with smiles all round.
Good starts are important, good ends even more. This was a lovely way to bookend the experience Nazca has been.
The gig was filmed and two clips are already out on Youtube. Karstein´s recently tweeted some pics going through the Nazca archives.
Thank you, we´re good.

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Lyrics – Out V


I don´t want to talk to you
Because you are negative
I don´t want to be seen with you
Because you´re negative

You´ll always be a victim
You´ll always be a prey
And every circumstance
Will always stand in your way

Because you´re
Negative (negative)
Negative (negative)
Negative (negative)
Negative (negative)
Negative (negative)
Negative (negative)
Negative (negative)

Getting ready for the send-off

Nazca farewell gig

Here in Nazca camp, we´re all in good spirits. We´ve been rehearsing fiercely and will hopefully be able to play a set worthy of a proper send-off.
We´re also thrilled to announce that multimedia artist, VJ and all together swell guy, Oliver Whitehead will provide visuals for this event.

We will also for the first time, assemble the Arctic Desert Campfire Singalong Choir live for this event.

We will provide some free gifts for attendees, make sure to bring cash, as we will be selling anything we have available.

It´s here

Nazca´s final album has been out as a numbered limited edition (300 copies) white vinyl LP since June. It´s time to let you online people enjoy our work.

We hope you enjoy this album and we would like to ask you just one thing:

If you like it, tell everyone you know.

We worked hard for this record and as most people know, Spotify payments are a joke. If we would at least know that the music and the ideas contained in the music are reaching people´s ears.
That would make it easier to swallow the thousands of euros we spent on this record.
If you really like it, and would like to support us directly, visit our shop. Marginal musicians got bills too.

It´s time

“Hey, breaking up is an idea that has occurred to far too few groups. Sometimes to the wrong ones.”
-Steve Albini

It´s almost four months now since we released the Nazca LP. It´s time to tell you our plans.

Nazca has been a live unit since April 1998. The problem now, is longetivity and obscurity. It´s tricky to move on with new projects when the previous ones never got their dues. Our instinct is to push our babies out into the world and stand by them. By now, we have quite a number of them.

As a creative unit, it´s not healthy to look back.

What we will do now:
We are in the process of making our full back catalogue available online.
We hope to play as many gigs we can this autumn and spring next year.
Then we will stage a final Helsinki burial gig late March 2013.

Then that´s it, we won´t play these songs ever again. We won´t perform under the name Nazca ever again.

It might serve the material and confirm its worth. When everything is freely available all the time, it´s hard to see what´s around you. We love what is unobtainable and ignore what´s here. It´s time we step aside.
There will be no reunions. Nazca is over by 1. April 2013

We have no regrets, we had a great time making the DVD and the last two albums, we are immensely proud of our output.

We never pandered to anyone, we never treated our audience like idiots and we did our best to handle ourselves with friendliness, honesty and integrity.

We´ve been at it for almost 15 years. We might be overstaying our welcome.

We are so grateful to everyone who´s put us up, booked us for shows, bought our records, reviewed them on your website and showed up for gigs. Everyone who´s supplied us food, gas money, beer and shelter. Everyone who came up to talk after a show, all of you that has made Nazca such an immensely pleasant experience.

Thanks go out to (in no particular order):
Mauro Berchi
Freddy Holm
Robin DeWan
Janne Martinkauppi
Oliver Whitehead
Mesq & MKK
Zacke Slotte
Mika Somero
Samir Geper
Ilari Kinnunen
Richard Lapington
Jussi Vartio
Henri Halkola
Kivi Larmola
Juan Kasari
BRR music
Tomi Kangas
Tami & Exogenic
Jani Lehtosaari
Levykauppa Äx
Family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives

Lyrics – Out IV


You´re a terrorist
You´re a walking bomb
With your eyes so wide
And your head so numb
You are a threat
Quit cramping my lifestyle
With your every move
And your ideals

And there will be dangers
So don´t smile at strangers
And there will be dangers
So don´t listen to strangers

And you are free to lock your doors
And you are free
Free to fear
And you are free to follow orders
And you are free to agree

And there will be dangers
So don´t smile at strangers
And there will be dangers
So don´t listen to strangers

I want a door
I want a lock
I want a gun
I want a cop
I want a dog
I want a war
Tell me I am free

I want a house
I want a car
I want a boss
I want a wage
I want a job
I want a war

Tell me I am free

I am free
I am free
I am free
I am free